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Butterstone Gatherings 2017-2024

Fun in our Butterstone Hall!

A Wee Report- February 21st 2024

We have had 13 Butterstone Gatherings since the first Snowdrop Gathering in April 2017! Of course there was a long 18 month break due to the Covid pandemic when getting together in larger groups was not allowed ... we had to cancel our Daffodil Gathering in spring of 2020 but we bounced back with a great Late Summer Picnic Gathering in August 2022. Attendance has varied from 25 to 49, with an average of three ‘gatherings’ per year … and every single gathering has been deemed a success by those who were there! 

The most recent Gathering was again a successful Snowdrop Gathering  and had over 40 in attendance with great food, live music and some really interesting chats at tables ... and in the kitchen and out at the fire-pit.  During the various seasonal Gatherings we have had conker competitions,  tower building, carpet bowls, country dancing, discussions about local issues, wonderful suppers and music both live and recorded.


We’ve had folk of all ages gathering together and for many it has been a great way of keeping in touch with others around our rural area that we don’t see too often! 

The following pages will share some of the publicity leaflets and photos taken at various Butterstone Gatherings ...and we hope there will be many more to come!

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